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Film Institute and Movie Makeup Academy


Running Springs, CA 92382

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Film Institute 1 Week Program: For campers looking to have an amazing time while learning the basics of filmmaking, the Film Institute is perfect for you. Write, direct, and produce your very own 3 minute film! Take your wildest ideas and turn them into a screenplay. Cast the best actor for each role. Then shoot, edit and screen your film. Tell your story for others to experience again and again. Learn tips and tricks from industry experts on lighting, sound, camera work, editing and much more. Campers in this specialty will work together to create a short movie that will premiere at the Pali Film Festival and receive a DVD copy to bring home so they can show off their Hollywood magic to family and friends! 2 Week Program: If you really want to master the details of the filmmaking process, the two-week session is right for you. This program is designed for the serious filmmaker with dreams of a future in the biz, with enough time to create and develop your vision into a 5-minute feature film. You will learn every aspect of the filmmaking process from Hollywood veterans who know what it takes to create an amazing film. The program begins by teaching script-writing techniques that develop the concepts of theme, character, tension, and conflict. From there, you will develop the ability to create storyboards, plan your shooting schedule, and send location scouts to find the best spots to bring your scenes to life. When you are ready to begin filming, our experts will teach you directing techniques to bring out the best in your actors and cinematographers. This will help capture the images you need with lighting and camera angles that will engage your viewers. Once the filming is complete, it's time to go into the editing studio, where you will use professional editing systems including Final Cut Pro. Once your movie is complete, walk the red carpet as the entire camp cheers you on at your movie premiere at the Pali Film Festival. Make sure to have your speech ready as you accept your Pali Film Award! All campers return home with their own awesome movie on DVD to share with their family and friends. Be a real-life movie director and walk the red carpet at your own movie premiere! Movie Makeup Academy At Pali's Movie Makeup Academy you will learn the secrets of creating movie magic! Under the leadership of professional Hollywood makeup artists, you will learn how to make a fellow camper look like the Joker or a counselor into The Hulk. The session starts with classes on makeup application, instruction on matching skin color and demonstrations on molding clay to create unique disguises. Next, you will learn to apply a bald cap and a fake nose and finally create gashes, cuts, and head wounds! Your work will look so real you might even scare yourself. You will also work on creating a character from one of your favorite films! Do everything from prosthetics to monster makeup and even costuming. The ideas are endless and the more creative you are, the more fun you will have! Once you have mastered your movie makeup skills, you will work hand in hand with campers at the Pali Film Institute to create the makeup effects for their productions, which will be screened at the Pali Showcase in front of hundreds of cheering campers. Wish you could be your favorite movie character? Movie Makeup can make it happen!

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10 to 16



  • Computers
  • Creative Writing
  • Liberal Arts
  • Acting
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Film
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
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