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Elberta, AL 36530
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Camp Dixie is a waterfront summer camp and retreat facility located on Perdido Bay in Elberta, Alabama near Gulf Shores. Camp Dixie was started in 1952 by the Lutheran Layman's League at five area congregations. The congregations range from Mobile, AL in the east to Pensacola, FL in the west. The mission of Camp Dixie is to help Church, Community, and Youth find time away from the usual busyness of life to spend time outdoors in prayer, study, and recreation. Camp Dixie is more than just a summer camp for kids. The facilities can be rented by individuals, organizations, families, or clubs that are looking for that quiet "get-away" for fun and fellowship or are just looking to get closer to the Lord. Camp Dixie also has a fully furnished house on the property that is available for a weekly rental. "Have you ever heard of Camp Dixie? Have you ever visited the Camp on beautiful Perdido Bay? Do you know who operates the camp; how it is supported; what the future plans are? Would you know how to find the camp? We've been told that many area Lutherans simply do not know. Maybe we are at fault; maybe we've taken too much for granted. So may we tell you? Camp Dixie is owned and operated by the Azalea Zone of the Southern District Lutheran Layman's League - a group of local leagues along the Gulf cost from Mobile to Pensacola. But it isn't restricted to LLL Use - in fact it's a project adopted by the Azalea Zone only to be of service to local Lutheran congregations and their parish organizations. Perhaps you would like to know the history of the camp. In 1949 Mr. Alfred Neuman offered the DIXIE District Walther League a 200'x400' tract of land on Palmetto creek for development as a Lutheran Youth Camp. The offer was considered at the Walther League Convention in Pensacola, July 16-18 1949 but declined for lack of funds and capable administrators. Not wanting our church to miss this opportunity for camping facilities, the Azalea Zone LLL adopted Camp Dixie as a project during their Fall Rally, Sept 25, 1949. A five member Board of Trustees having authority to develop and administer the Camp was appointed April 16, 1950. The Board soon realized that the camp site was too small for long range development. While investigating the purchase of adjoining property, the board was offered the gift of a 5 acre tract with 300' frontage directly on Perdido Bay. The Fall Rally of the Azalea Zone at Mobile, Sept 14, 1952 heartily approved of this gift by Mr. G. R. Wood and the revised plans of the Board of Trustees. During the summer of 1960 a 60' by 100' lodge was erected at the cost of $20,000. With a view to the future needs of our youth and the church in general, the Zone approved the purchase of and additional 3 acres on May 21, 1961 at a cost of $3000. During the past year bunk rooms have been added to the Lodge, furniture installed in the counselor's rooms and additional kitchen facilities added. Do you wonder why Camp Dixie has been developing slowly? As usual - lack of funds. It's entire cost and support comes from a few local Layman's Leagues and congregations plus the proceeds from occasional chicken fries and Bar-B-Q dinners served at Camp Dixie by the Azalea Zone members working together as a unit.

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