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Maubila Scout Reservation


Grove Hill, AL 36451

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This background information was provided by Buddy Weaver, long-time Maubila Staff member. The brand was the outcome of a long spades game in 1998. Everyday after lunch Ranger Phillip Harrell, Shooting Sports Director Jim White, Staff Member Daniel "Piglet" Arnold), and Camp Medic Buddy Weaver would play spades, one afternoon during a rain storm we were discussing MSR when the topic of having a camp brand came up. After playing around with the idea they came up with this design. It has been a quasi-totem of camp since, Until it was incorporated into camp in 2008. Troop 121 had a real brand made. Thanks Buddy. 1964 Maubila Scout Reservation holds first camping season. Mickey Sisson was the first Camp Ranger, Phillip Harrell was the Asst. Ranger. The Diner Bell at Maubila's Dining Hall has a sister bell. Do you know where it is at? The two bells originally - one bell was located at the Lodge at Camp Push and the other was located at the lake. When Maubila Scout Reservation opened in 1964 the bells were relocated to MSR. One bell was placed by the dining hall and the other one was placed at the Ranger's house. The later bell has since been located in another place. It sill exists today. Do you know where it is at?

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