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Pembina Valley Bible Camp


Darlingford, R0G 0L0
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Pembina Valley Bible Camp had it's beginning as part of the expanding work of Winkler Bible Camp Association. The membership of WBCA had authorized the Board of Directors to investigate for a permanent camp site along the Pembina River for winter camping. In the fall of 1975, 160 acres was purchased by a group of investors who agreed to hold the land in trust for the WBCA for a period of not more than 2 years. A Pembina Valley Bible Camp Committee was formed from within the board in spring of 1976 to look into prospects, alternatives and aspects regarding new site development. The committee members were Peter George Dyck (Board Chair), Henry Martens, Walter Braun and Ted Goossen. Discussions were underway to exchange certain acreages with the government crown land and a further 80 acres were purchased from Henry Martens and further 10 acres from Gerald Keown to provide access to the camp property. The Board of Directors of WBCA felt that the 240 acres would provide a greater potential for future development and guarantee enough land which could remain nature beauty without fear of overuse due to heavy camper traffic. The board recognized the need for proper planning of the new site and Charles C. Stott, Camp Planner and Consultant from Raleigh, North Carolina was retained as consultant and planner in aiding the board in setting up a Master Plan for Pembina Valley Bible Camp & Retreat Centre. The Master Site Plan was presented to and ratified by the board in April, 1978. Thus, believing in the providence of God in bringing about this new venture of faith , the development of a new camp was begun.

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